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Affiliate Marketing

This short page on affiliate marketing is all you need to start on your journey to making money online. This step by step guide will get your affiliate products or services flying out of the door. Getting paid a commission as a merchant for writing a review of a product is an easy way to get started.

If you are looking for an easy way of learning about affiliate marketing this is a great way on how to get started. Your dummies guide to becoming an affiliate marketer deals a lot with marketing techniques and information. This is not as hard a site sounds. Finding an affiliate marketing program for something you want to sell is extremely easy.

Short Affiliate Marketing Advice

  • You'll want to find a product or service you want to sell.
  • Find an affiliate that will pay you to send your visitors to them.
  • Build a website or blog around this product.
  • Get lots of traffic via mostly back-links
  • Send your visitors to the affiliate via affiliate links.
  • Repeat and Profit

Affiliate Products and Services

The first thing you need to do is find an affiliate site that has a product you are interested in. Think of something that you've recently bought for instance. Did you buy it online? If so, then you can most likely sell more of them to other people.

One place that a lot of people start their affiliate marketing for dummies journey is by signing up for the Amazon affiliate program. This is a very good free program and indeed a quite nice place to start learning about affiliate programs. You can sign up for their affiliate program here. All you need to do is sign up and you can start promoting their products.

Product Research

Look for a product that you know a little about. It's especially good to find a product your recently purchased and can provide first-hand information about it. Go to the product page and read the reviews. You want a product or service that has great reviews.

Pick one that has all 4 or 5 star ratings on the first page of the reviews. Also the more reviews it has, the better. Only about 5 - 10 % of people go back and write a review, so one with hundreds of reviews that are good, is a great product to promote. Start your affiliate marketing for dummies journey here and profit.

Find a product or service that you want to promote first. Now you'll want to download a copy of Market Samurai. It has a keyword module that makes finding out how much competition you'll be facing. Even the free version is quite enough to get your affiliate marketing for dummies career off and running.

Keyword Research

Once you have a couple products in mind, it's time to see how many people are searching for this and also how much real competition you have.

The 3 methods I use are:


Use Mozilla Firefox and get the SEOQuake add-on. You can download it here. It will put a bar below the search results when you search Google that gives a ton of useful information regarding your competition.

SEOQuake Screenshot

Once you this loaded, search for your product and look at the PR numbers that SEOQuake provides. Add all of these PR numbers up. Divide the number you get by the number of sites. If your total number is below 2.5 then this is an excellent one to promote.

Market Samurai Keyword Research

The other way to conduct keyword research is to download and use Market Samurai. It has a competition screen that gives you similar results to SEOQuake. You do the same thing and add up the competition PR and divide it by the total websites returned. Go for it if the number is around 2.5 or below.

Brain Storm- It

Last but not least is using BrainStormIt from SiteSell. This is my main tool. You get a demand, supply and profitability columns that do all the figuring for you. This is my tool that I go to and make my final decision. Along with the data above, you'll have a ton of related keywords that you can target also. Some keywords it returns will amaze you as you would not have thought of them.

Your Domain Name

Once you've researched your product and feel you can do a few webpages about it, pick a domain name. Be careful about picking your name as it is crucial that you not violate any ones trademarks. Pick a name that is close to the product you are promoting. If you are going to register a domain then read about web hosting first and register it at the same time.

Your Domain Name

Search engines used to give huge points if your domain name was an Exact Match Domain (EMD). Nowadays it is not such a huge deal as they have refactored their algorithms to not give as much weight to EMD's. If you can get an exact match, grab it as it certainly won't hurt and will give you a very small boost in search engine rankings. As an affiliate marketing for dummies beginner, don't worry about this that much. Do the best you can as the other parts of this is a lot more important.

Hosting a Website or Blog

Next you'll need a place to hold your content. I suggest that if you are completely new to affiliate marketing that you pick a free host. Since you're reading this affiliate marketing for dummies article, don't worry that much about getting all technical and building a huge web site. Just get started. Now most people are vehemently against this and tell you that you HAVE to have your own domain name and web host. And for the most part they are right. But hey, you are a rookie and need to start somewhere.

Go to Squidoo and start what is called a Lenses. A Lenses is what Squidoo calls a web page. They have a ton of help and the user interface is quite nice when making a Lenses. At this point, Google likes Squidoo and will index your Lenses quite fast. That is a huge advantage. Blogging on this site is very easy.

If you want to actually have your own website then you'll need a host to put your domain on and web pages or blog. I use Bluehost myself and am quite happy with them. As a website owner you'll have lots to get done. You'll have to learn how to set up your website or blog as well as how to run an online business.

Look at this as a long term project. No matter how many people tell you that you can make thousands of dollars overnight, you'll find this is the exception and not the rule.

Writing Articles


Now comes the fun part of affiliate marketing. At least I have fun writing content. Write a few pages of content that talk about your product in general terms. Don't try to make these pages hard sell.

Look into search engine optimization to get your pages ranked in search engines better. As a new affiliate you want all the help you can get. You don't have to be an expert in SEO but a little knowledge certainly helps.

Using Market Samurai or BrainStormIt, you'll have lots of keywords to use. Sprinkle these throughout your pages. You'll want to write about 10 - 20 pages of content that is related to your product. It's really hard to predict how many pages as it depends on your product, competition and what people are expecting when they land on your website. Using these affiliate marketing for dummies tips just ensure you don't spam too many keywords in your articles. This is very bad as search engines don't like spamming.

In the past you could get away with one or two pages and rank well in search engines and make money online really easy. It's gotten a lot harder. You basically want to build a mini-authority site that covers all aspects of what you are trying to sell.

Keep your content focused on your customer and what they are looking for. Make it personal. Don't write like and encyclopedia or even the manufacturers site. They are notorious for writing boring content. Keep it light-hearted.

As an affiliate your job is not to sell to people. Your job is to get people to click on your affiliate link so your affiliate program manage can make the sell. Pay attention to this and you won't be an affiliate marketing for dummies novice for long.

I use Web Content Studio to draft my articles. This is a fantastic piece of software. Read my review here.

Don't be afraid to talk about the bad points of something. You want your visitors to trust you so that they click on your affiliate link and buy the product. Personally when I read a web page about a product and it has nothing bad to say about it, I become very suspicious. Everything has it's bad points. When using affiliate marketing for dummies ideas, use this to your advantage. Point out the bad on something and also provide how to work around it.

If you are running a blog site, then make a few blog posts each week. Sure if you have the time and enough ideas, posting every day is fantastic.


When you are dealing with internet marketing, though Content is King. The lady behind the King is Back Links. The more good quality back links you have the better. When reading affiliate marketing for dummies, you may think this is hard to do, but it really isn't.

You want good quality back links over poor quality ones. One good back link can be worth several hundred bad quality ones.

You can search for web sites that are in the same field as yours and ask their web master to link to you if you want. This is a really slow and inefficient way to go about it.

You can use blogging social networking to drive traffic to your site. Twitter and Facebook are good places to start. Don't spend too much time on these sites. Most of the traffic from them are people who want to socialize and are not in the mood to buy something. But it is still worthwhile to get some traffic from social sites.

Why All The Failures!

The Biggest Reason that people Fail at Affiliate Marketing is to keep researching, reading and NEVER Taking ACTION! That is one of my Main Faults!


One way other people use is to buy some automated back linking programs or buy thousands of links from someone on I personally don't use them. Having tried them in the past, they are all worthless and can even get your site penalized by search engines. Just stay away from them. This tip is a basic affiliate marketing for dummies one that will save you tons of heartache.

I write articles about whatever I'm promoting and then search for related web sites and ask web masters if they would like a free article. Most webmasters are really glad to get a free article as writing content for some people is really hard and time-consuming.

Write a great quality article. Don't skimp and try to write a short, crappy article as people reading it will not click on your links if they think an article is terrible.

You can write and publish a few articles to article directories. These sites aren't near as good as they were in the past. But still worth an article or two to get a few visitors and some link love for search engines. As a technique for article marketing for dummies, this works well. Get a couple links and move on.

Sign up for these free sites and write an article or two.

Add in one or two links back to your web site.

This accomplishes a couple of things that are positive for you.

It helps you make friends with other people in your community.

Search engines see more back links to your web site and you get more Page Rank love.

You get more traffic since people are reading your great articles and clicking on your links.

Affiliate Marketing - Important Resources

SEOQuake is an essential add-on that affiliate marketing for dummies will get used to very quickly. It is a way to easily narrow down your products regarding competition.

I hope this Affiliate Marketing for Dummies article has shown you that everyone can make a few dollars on the Internet. A little patience and work is all it takes.

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