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About This Site

You will learn what affiliate marketing is and how to select and pre-sell affiliate products. This website is a compilation of everything I've learned over the years.

Learn how to write fast and different ways to re purpose your information.

Where and how to get the best backlinks is the core of making money with affiliate products and this is covered in detail.

What You'll Find Here

What Do I 'Sell'

The only way that I make any profit off your visiting this website is for you to buy some of the tools or software that I recommend. You'll find that only the software that I use personally is the only things that I recommend.

Hopefully when you are ready to look into some tools to help you make money faster or save time, you'll remember to come here and click on the affiliate links to the products you need.

We all want to make money of course. The software that you see here helps support keeping this website going.

Any and all files I have are free and only cost you time to read them. Hopefully they are worth your time.

The only 'course' that I recommend other than this website would be the SiteSell web hosting package. With the information provided with the web hosting, you get some very detailed information that is available only as a member. But you can check out my review on it here.

What You Won't Find Here

There are no popups nor banner ads.


I get so tired of clicking 'X' to get rid of the banner ads that pop up like crazy. The really irrating ones are those that pop up as soon as you load a web site. You have not even had time to look around and you have got a popup to sign up for some email list. Man I hate those.

I have seen so many banner ads over the years that they do not even register in my mind anymore. They may as well be invisible.

Why I Have No 'Course'

Most affiliate marketers are in the business to sell you courses that they have dreamed up and try to sell them to you with the implied notion that if you follow their advice you'll make lots of money. This site is different. I have no 'course' or anything really that I want to sell you.

I have no magic course that I'll try to sell you. Other affiliate marketers promise you that if you will just buy their course for $7, $47, $197 or $497, you'll find the secrets to making money online.

Everything I have is free. I've spent tons of money on crap that just doesn't work. I like to help people and this website is how I accomplish this.

No Income Reports

There are no income reports. Sure I see quite a few affiliate marketers are putting their income on websites but this is really misleading. Most of these people have years of experience and also virtual assistants that do most of the work for them.

Or they outsource the content writing and back-linking. It would be a big disservice to you to show you some income reports and get you all excited that you can make the same income in a couple months. Just isn't going to happen unless you happen to get everything exactly right your first time.

No Forums or Message Board

There are so many forums on sites that are only set up to sell you something that I just can't put one up.

Plus most are very heavily moderated to keep only 'good' comments that they are not anywhere close to being useful.

Tools Used to Build This Website

Here are the tools that I use to build this website.


You won't find a better web host than SiteSell. You not only get a great web host but the guides that you receive for free are exceptional.

Here is my review of SiteSell.


I use Markdown to write all my pages. Markdown is a little program to let you write without having to worry about all the html syntax. You use # and ## for headings and ** for bold text. This sort of stuff.

The big thing I love about it is that that you can put your links in a footer and use them in your text. If you need to change anything then there is only one place you have to look, your footer. This also allows you to know exactly at a glance how many outgoing links you have on a page.

It is quite good. Learning curve isn't that steep. Take a look at it at: Daring Fireball. You can look for lightweight markup languages if you want to see more small help languages like this.

HTP HTML Preprocessor

This is a really neat program that allows you to take a template file and insert your text into it buy using macros. Sounds more complicated than it is. I like it because you can make one template for your look and feel and then have various text files with templates to fill in your look and feel template.

The program runs on both Windows and Linux. You can find it here. HTP HTML Pre-processor

Linux openSUSE

I really love Linux and openSUSE is by far the best in my opinion. It was the only Linux version that I found that was easy to set up with 2 monitors. Tryied Ubuntu and Linux Mint and had heck with getting two monitors set up.

Since moving to Linux I haven't looked back at Windows at all. There are 2 programs I use that run off an old Windows laptop that I can't get to run on openSUSE. Market Samuri and Web Content Studio. I might be able to get them to run on it thru WINE but haven't taken any time to try. Other than that, I'm more than happy, I'm ecstatic.

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