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Affiliate Disclosure

Thank you for visiting and reading my website. I am extremely grateful to be able to provide you free information on starting a vegetable garden and strive to give you as much accurate information as possible.

However, in order to provide this free service, please be aware that whenever you click on one of many links found throughout all of my web-pages, and purchase any products and or services on these pages, I will receive a referral commission for any products and/or services that you decide to purchase. This is how the web works in our e-commerce 21st century lives.

Please understand however, that any commission that I am to receive, has absolutely no-ZERO influence on the content information that I am providing for you via my website. I will always continue to give you my truthful and honest opinions on any subject matters that are covered throughout my Vegetable Garden Basics website.

By clicking on various purchase links found through-out this extensive web-site, you agree to support my honest efforts and intentions in doing the necessary work which is required in maintaining this web site which as you know, is is not cheap. It is my commitment to you, to continue providing updated, reliable and current information as needed in your personal goal of providing healthy food to your family and friends.

Please be aware that “Ads by Google” are selected by Google, not this site owner. It is Google, and Google only who has the authority to decide which ads are placed on each page of this web site. So there may be instances where the same ad appears on more than one page which this site-owner has no control over whatsoever.

Thank you and continue to browse other pages of my site. Any and all comments are welcome, so please send me a note if you want.

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