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Site Information

You will find all the various administrative type of pages that a modern web site needs here.

About Page

The About Page gives you the reason I made this site and some other fun facts about my life and careers.

About This Website

Here is where you can see what software and plugins that are used here.

Affiliate Disclosure

The Affiliate Disclosure page is required by the FCC as I do get paid for some links that you may click on. Sad to say but you need money to keep a web site going and give information to people. Be aware that I do not recommend Anything unless I am sure that it is a good product. Most of these products or services I use myself and state so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions keep coming and instead of anserwing them time after time, I have put them in the FAQ section.

If you want to link to me from your website or blog, I have some information that will make it easier on both of us here.

Privacy Policy

We all value our privacy and my Privacy Policy gives you the guidelines I adhere to. Any and all information that you provide, I treat as my own and will never sell your email or other information to anyone.

Site Map

I hope all of the pages are lists in my <a href="">Site Map</a>. If you are looking for something and can't find it, click on the link above and you should be able to find what you are looking for. Otherwise, use the Search Box at the top of the page.

Submit an Article

This page will help you if you would like to submit an article to be placed on this wiki.

Terms of Use

There are various terms of service that you should be aware of when visiting this site. All websites have a term of use or service. Most try to hide it, but I put mine out where you can easily find it.

Contact Me

I love hearing from people who visit. Please hit the Contact Me form and give me your thoughts.

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